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Luke Whitteker get the Fat Les Chip Stand Canadian Nationals win at Cornwall Motor Speedway!

Cornwall, Ont – Monday, August 1, 2022 – Martin Belanger –  The Cornwall Motor Speedway had a busy long weekend Sunday as the 4 local series were in action with the Fat Les Chip Stand Canadian Nationals, Race for the Cure Sportsman, Clyde Sligner Pro-Stock and Frank Belair Memorial Mini-Stock Series on Twin Leaf Convenience Stores Night. A huge crowd was in attendance for this event!

Promoter Raymond Lavergne brought back the 100-lap event for the second round of Fat Les Chip Stand Canadian Nationals with Kyle Dingwall taking the early lead over Lee Ladouceur and Jonathan Ferguson, a severe accident brought the red flag on lap 7, thankfully no one was injured. Dingwall set the pace on the restart but Lee Ladouceur was quicker and took the lead as Luke Whitteker started to make some noise moving up to second spot. Whitteker used lap cars to take the lead on lap 39 and was the control car as some good battles were going on behind him. Chris Raabe had another stout ride moving up to second on lap 62 after starting 11th. Raabe challenged Whitteker in the final portion of the event but it was too late with Whitteker getting his first win of 2022 at Cornwall over Raabe and Dingwall.

In the 50-lap Race for the Cure Sportsman Series, Casey Swamp takes the lead but William Racine has the best car in the early portion of the event and grabbed the top spot on lap 9 with Gorden Clair and Swamp behing the 35R machine. Racine is quick in front with Bobby Herrington moving up to third on lap 19 after starting 9th. Herrington used lap traffic to his advantage and took the lead at halfway point, Herrington used his experience and talent to move away from the field and captured a first win in the Series this season over Tyler Givogue and Shane Pecore.

A lot of action in the 35-lap Clyde Sligner Pro-Stock Series as Louie Jackson took the lead but several competitors wanted the top spot as Bruno Cyr came to challenge Jackson in the early stages of the race, Bruno Richard and Marc Lalonde made their way up the field as they started together on the 6th row. Both Lalonde and Richard swapped the lead in the second portion of the event as a final caution on lap 33 gave a slight edge to Richard as he got his second win in a row in the Series and fourth win of the year over Lalonde and Roch Aubin took the final place on the podium.

Brighton Speedway regular Aidan Fletcher was able to resist to challenges from Alexis Charbonneau early on as led the whole 22-lap Frank Belair Memorial Mini-Stock Series and took the extra $300 that came from Ladouceur Trucking for anyone being able to beat Pierre Picard. Fletcher finished in front of Picard and Charbonneau.

The popular Autograph night has been postponed to next Sunday as a complete program is on the schedule including a second visit of the Lightning Sprints.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway.com you can add us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cornwallspeedway , twitter at @cms_speedway, and now on Instagram under Cornwall Speedway, we will use these media platforms for results and contests over the summer.

Fat Les Chip Stand Canadian Nationals 100 Laps

1.124-Luke Whitteker[4]; 2. 01-Chris Raabe[11]; 3. 66-Kyle Dingwall[1]; 4. 47S-Corey Wheeler[5]; 5. 39X-Alex Therrien[13]; 6. 13-Kevin Hamel[15]; 7. M16-Gage Morin[9]; 8. 44-Jonathan Ferguson[3]; 9. 38J-Jarrett Herbison[17]; 10. 88-Lee Ladouceur[2]; 11. 39A-Alain Therrien[19]; 12. 73JR-Mathieu Boisvert[10]; 13. 23-Joey Ladouceur[20]; 14. 31JR-Tommy Jock Jr[22]; 15. 23P-Mike Stacey[21]; 16. (DNF) 18J-Louis Jackson Jr[7]; 17. (DNF) 66X-Carey Terrance[12]; 18. (DNF) 151-Brian McDonald[8]; 19. (DNF) 18-Calen Drapper Harr[6]; 20. (DNF) 17-Tristan Drapper[14]; 21. (DNF) 54R-Even Racine[18]; 22. (DNF) 63-Chris Herbison[16]

Race for the Cure Sportsman Series 50 Laps

1. 88Z-Bobby Herrington[9]; 2. 85-Tyler Givogue[7]; 3. 0-Shane Pecore[12]; 4. 22C-Cedric Gauvreau[17]; 5. 35R-William Racine[10]; 6. 44-David Rogers[6]; 7. 27A-Gilles Godard[20]; 8. 22G-Gorden Clair[4]; 9. 94-Gabriel Cyr[21]; 10. 88K-Dylan Kirkland[16]; 11. 77E-Ryan Stabler[28]; 12. 41-Samuel Charland[19]; 13. 35B-Brennan Moore[13]; 14. 00-Donovan Lussier[5]; 15. 44S-Casey Swamp[3]; 16. 92T-Tristan Ladouceur[2]; 17. 1R-Ricky Thompson[18]; 18. 22$-Shane Stearns[8]; 19. 88$-Fire Swamp[23]; 20. 3-Adam Rozon[22]; 21. 10-Robert Delormier[15]; 22. 34-Xavier Delormyer[24]; 23. 18-Blayden Arquette[27]; 24. 23-Pryror Stacey[29]; 25. 08-Chris Ferguson[25]; 26. (DNF) 88J-Justin Cyr[14]; 27. (DNF) 1-Justin Lalancette[11]; 28. (DNF) 29D-Justin Desrosiers[1]; 29. (DNF) 95-Dan Jalbert[30]; 30. (DNS) 6*-Trevor Gaucher

Clyde Sligner Pro-Stock Series 35 Laps

1. 72-Bruno Richard[12]; 2. 8-Marc Lalonde[11]; 3. 4-Roch Aubin[7]; 4. 33-Bruno Cyr[6]; 5. 48-Jocelyn Roy[20]; 6. 28-Burton Ward[17]; 7. 11-Stéphane Larivière[3]; 8. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[14]; 9. 2X-James Clarke[15]; 10. 35-Jonathan Lemay[18]; 11. 3-Jeffrey Guild[10]; 12. 9-Eric Jean Louis[19]; 13. 27-Thomas McDonald[23]; 14. 32-Jonathan Levesque Levesque[5]; 15. 44-Ian Richard[24]; 16. 22J-Justin Jodoin[16]; 17. 23B-Brandon Macmillan[13]; 18. 38JR-Justin Chaput[2]; 19. (DNF) 96-Eric Loyer[4]; 20. (DNF) 18-Louis Jackson[1]; 21. (DNF) 72G-Denis Gauvreau[8]; 22. (DNF) 1H-Denis Hamel[21]; 23. (DNF) 91-Serge Vallée[9]; 24. (DNS) 87-Maxime Foley

Frank Belair Memorial Mini-Stock Series 22 Laps

1. 42JR-Aidan Fletcher[2]; 2. 25-Pierre Picard[6]; 3. 49-Alexis Charbonneau[1]; 4. 21L-Skylar Ladouceur[5]; 5. 37-Matt Boal[10]; 6. 11-Jordan McNaughton[11]; 7. TJ35-Tyler Lamarche[9]; 8. 7-Chris Cotton[8]; 9. 13-Liam O’Donoghue[12]; 10. 97-Dave Watchorn[13]; 11. 2R-Ian Pinkerton[4]; 12. (DNF) 73-Dakota Bowl[3]; 13. (DNF) 93M-Travis Lamarche[7]

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