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Canadian 358-Modified Series see light in 2022

The Canadian 358-Modified Series unveils it’s first ever calendar!

Cornwall, Ont – Friday, March 25, 2022 – Martin Bélanger –  Canadian race fans will be pleased to hear that 9 tracks have partnered together to create the Canadian 358-Modified Series that will be in action between June and October in both Ontario and Quebec provinces.

Cornwall Motor Speedway promotor Raymond Lavergne is the instigator of this project to gather the 9 major DIRT track in both provinces to create a touring series that involves the 358-Series.

The first event will be held at Autodrome Granby on June 24th followed by a back to back at Humberstone Speedway on June 30th and Oshweken Speedway on July 1st. The 4th event in the Series will stop at Cornwall Motor Speedway on July 17th. Merrittville Speedway will be next on the tour with a date on August 1. Another back to back this time in the Quebec province will occur on September 9 at RPM Speedway followed by Autodrome Drummond on September 10. Brighton Speedway also secured an event on September 24 as the champion will be crowned at Brockville Speedway during the Fall Nationals on October 15.

The 5 best results out of the 9 races will count towards the championship, this was decided to reduce travelling for teams and also avoid as much conflicting dates caused by the current schedule. Each event will be a minimum of 60 laps (green laps only) and will pay a minimum of $4,000 to win and $300 to take the green.

All promotors have invested an amount to create an initial points fund that is currently at $4,000, we are actively looking into a major sponsor to help increase the current points fund that will be offered to the drivers.

A list of contracted drivers that are interested in following the whole series will be created and these drivers will be offered up to 4 provisional starting positions as an incentive to attend all the events. A list of bonus prises is also in the works to encourage drivers to participate in the new series.

Even thought this is the first official release on this Series, there is a lot of interest from drivers from both provinces as some announcements should be made in the coming weeks regarding full time participants in the tour.

To keep updated on the 2022 Canadian 358-Modified Series, you can check the Facebook page under Canadian 358-Modified Series.

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