Brand refresh for Cornwall Motor Speedway to start 2021!

Cornwall, Ont – Thursday, March 24, 2021 – Martin Bélanger –  In a world of changes and adaptability with the current pandemic we are facing, the Lavergne family wanted to bring some changes in their colors and branding for the upcoming years as new colors are unveiled along with a website overhaul!

2 for 1 logos !

Two logos are presented with the “CORNWALL” one being the primary being used and the “CMS” logo as a secondary one that will be added in some key areas and will allow some extra flexibility in our branding. “You will start seeing these new logos on our social media platforms, our website and more and more at the speedway as we will update our signs throughout the next year, a new t-shirt is also in the works as we speak” mentions Public Relations Director Martin Belanger. “By season 2022 we should be fully changed to our new colors!” added Belanger.

New Website

Working with Hostbros Network, our website is going through a complete restructuration with new functionalities and new colors. “Our goal is to have a more functional and user-friendly website with all the needed information in just 1 or 2 clicks!” said Belanger. This will also be a work in progress during 2021 as we will adjust some sections as we go.

Revamped intermission

When we will be able to have race fans at our speedway, they will notice some new experiences during the intermission time which is usually a down time at the track. With Ahoy Adventures and Mike Sauve Construction already on board providing support and prizes, we will host multiple games and interactions with our fans, some lucky ones we also leave the Cornwall Speedway with some prizes!

As you can see a lot of work in being done in the background to bring the fan experience at the speedway to a whole new level! We can’t wait to have you back at the track!

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at , twitter at @cms_speedway, and now on Instagram under Cornwall Speedway, we will use these media platforms for results and contests over the summer.

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