16 and awesome behind the wheel! Meet Fire Swamp

Mathieu Fortin – Cornwall Motor Speedway/360nitro.tv columnist – In one of my recent columns, I spoke of young people who were described as future stars of dirt car racing. I found it important to talk about these young people who are moving up the ranks to eventually get into the sportsman and modified classes. Having said that, I had a flash recently. Yes, I was talking about the young people who were arriving, but without realizing it, I had seen before my eyes all season long a 16-year-old who is often forgotten in the category of future stars simply because he is already a big star, he who was already racing in a sportsman even before I started working in the industry this last year. His name: Fire Swamp.

When I attended my first dirt race in 2020, he was already driving his 88S car. Then when I started working on compiling points at Cornwall Speedway this season he finished 3rd on the first race of the season. As there are drivers in this category who have been racing for over 30 years, and knowing that there was also a category for less experienced riders called Novice Sportsman, I was far from suspecting at that time that the driver who had just completed the podium in the regular category of sportsman that day was only 16 years old.

For those who don’t know, Fire has taken a different path than other drivers. While the majority started out in a go kart, Fire started out in a… sportsman. And no, I’m not talking about the Novice Sportsman. He started straight away in the upper class. His only experience in racing before was being a flagman at Mohawk Speedway.

Having now proven to everyone that he definitely has his place as a driver, Fire will make the jump to modified next season in addition to staying in sportsman. He has already taken possession of his new Bicknell car as well as his 358 engine. And it should be noted that Fire belongs to the category of drivers who work on their cars themselves, which is even more admirable. It’s a very useful side to have for a driver, just like personality, and that he has too. Since I’ve known him, he always takes the time to talk to me when he comes to register for races, and he does the same with my other colleagues. Much more polite and mature than many drivers who are twice his age, he also always takes the time to give credit to his family, his sponsors and his fans, and I feel he is saying it with conviction.

For those who would like to learn more about Fire and his career, he now has an increased presence on social media: As mentioned in my last column, he just launched the Fire Swamp Racing channel on Youtube. In addition, he is present on Instagram with his account @_fireswamp_ in addition to having his Facebook group, also under the name of Fire Swamp Racing. If you are on social media, subscribing is a must.

In closing, I ask Fire if he wants to add anything more before I finalize the article. He proves to me again that he is a journalist’s dream subject. He tells me that it is for me to decide, but that he is very comfortable with the subjects discussed above. Having made a career in the media industry long before I entered 360, I’m used to demanding stars. So I just tell him that I still have room if he wants to add something. It is there that he tells me that he is still looking for sponsors, or rather marketing partners, for the 2022 season. Because Fire already understands that the sponsors are indeed becoming partners for all the marketing side, and he often names them in his videos. If you are interested in seeing him promote your business, you can contact him through Facebook. Your support would help a lot because with the number of races he will do in two different countries, the expenses will be there … as will the visibility!

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